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  • Ridiculously enjoyable.”  “An immediate collection of hyper-vitaminated power-pop tunes, fuzzy and noisy guitars, traces of riot girrrl enthusiasm, a knack for melodies and a genuine feeling of enjoying themselves while playing together. A MUST.” – Raül Jiménez, for BloodBuzzed, Discoverer 72: New Indie Findings, October 13, 2013.
  • “With minimal yet energetic indie-pop, Philadelphia based Break It Up has a nice new summer jam to get drunk in the August sun to.” – Review of New Penzance, June 25, 2013, by Audio-Cred (reblogged by Paperblog, June 26, 2013)
  • “[P]resently Philadelphia is noticeably gathering some of that shifting, cyclical shine that periodically illuminates the music scenes of certain cities, causing folks to weigh appellations like ‘indie rock mecca.’….  One could make an argument the aforementioned shine shows no sign of dimming based on the city of brotherly love’s latest entry into the fold, indie-pop trio Break It Up. The band — which includes Easton, Mass.-bred Dan Morse on guitar — achieves a familiar, ’90s-styled sound without a bassist, instead electing to leave aural space into which fluid, textural guitar work blossoms and bounces.  The threesome’s ‘New Penzance,’ taken from its recently released full-length debut Break It Up, is a stunner, all galloping drums, ringing guitars and two-part harmonies.” – Jay Breitling, June 20, 2013, Clicky Clicky Music
  • “Break It Up had an impressive debut year in 2011 by garnering a lot of local blog love from just their lone single, Excavate, which manages to channel Sleater-Kinney style alt grrrl memories. Since that time, the trio…has delivered exciting live performances making them a new act dear to our hearts.” – Bill McThrill, February 11, 2012, The Deli Magazine’s Best of The Deli Philly Poll
  • “The lights go out and…[Break It Up] opens with “Paint the Town,” a rambunctious anthem of a song, and the people instantly start bouncing…When they’re on stage…you can see the chemistry between the bandmates.  They are so relaxed.  You can tell they are really enjoying what they are doing.” Bree Woods, November 2012, Jump Magazine
  • Break It Up’s set was fast-paced and fun…Their impressive merrymaking rock hooks left the listeners incessantly chanting for an encore.”  December 20, 2011: Photo Recap: BITBY Xmas Party at Little Bar in The Deli Magazine
  • “They‘ve got earworm pop hooks and aggressive buzz-saw guitars. Their thick-yet-minimal sound recalls classic U.K. post-punks Magazine, Canadian contemporaries Land of Talk, the spectral catharsis of Throwing Muses, the gritty catchiness of Mission of Burma. We could draw band comparisons all day, but the point is this: New Philly trio Break it Up writes solid, inspiring songs in a variety of modes, and slays in performance. Their only release to date is the infectious single “Excavate,” so download it at their Bandcamp and learn the words so you can sing along.” John Vettese, October 27, 2011, Philadelphia City Paper 
  • Watch out Philadelphia. The sound of quality 90′s indie grunge with an updated take is brewing in the upstart band Break It Up. Storming the stage at Kung Fu Necktie on October 15th, Break It Up has quickly established itself as a local sound to be heard…Despite breaking a string, Dan pushed forth on Jen’s powder blue guitar not missing a beat. Things like this make us like them even more: unfetteredness in practice. Add to that an engaging on-stage presence and great original song writing and we were sold.”  October 20, 2011: Live Philly Concerts
  • “Break It Up has yet to play its first official show as a band, but it’s already one our favorite new local acts. The[ir debut] song, titled “Excavate,” is a guitar-driven, hook-laden throwback to some of the band’s ’90s indie/riot-grrrl influences—and it’s been on steady rotation here in the office since we first heard it.” Matthew Borlik, August 25, 2011, The Key
Other news….
  • June 20, 2012 PhotoRecap: Break it Up and Now Now at North Star Bar in The Key
  • March 29, 2012: Our PhilaMOCA show recommended by the Philadelphia City Paper’s A.D. Amorosi’s Icepack column
  • October 31, 2011: And So it Goes review: “Philadelphia post punk/pop band. Really addictive song with a retro Riot grrrl aspect.”
  • October 5, 20111 : Our live in-studio session, recorded at WXPN: “[Break it Up] was in for a Key Studio session recently, and so far, it’s the only time an artist has been asked to record on the strength of one song. A chancey move, to be sure, they wowed us with a set that echoed the post-hardcore buzzsaw of Pretty Girls Make Graves as much as the ultra-accessible pop moments of Mission Of Burma. “ -John Vettese
  • August 28, 2011, in the Deli Magazine: Break It Up Show at KFN Cancelled (repressed by Mog): “We were totally looking forward to seeing Break It Up’s debut performance tonight at Kung Fu Necktie, where they would’ve opened for London’s noise-pop trio Male Bonding…We know it’s bummer, so we leave you with Break It Up’s first single, “Excavate” – an infectious stripped down tune with post-riot-grrrl appeal.”
  • August 28, 2011, in Here Comes Everyone: Excavate by Break it Up: “Break It Up are warming up right now. This, ‘Excavate’, is a glowing debut single from a 3 piece band that is still hot from breaking out of it’s mould. Currently a girl-boy-girl lineup with a strong foot in the riot-grrrl tradition of fuzzy guitars, yet a slightly Sub-Popish softer female vocal.”
  • August 16, 2011, in Lady.Bang.Beat: Break it Up: “We had the pleasure of seeing them play recently at Girls Rock Philly. It was a totally exclusive set but they completely impressed us. The vocals remind me of Stereolab, songs like “Emperor Tomato Ketchup” or even Stereo Total with a lot more rock than electronic backing.”